Welcome to Universal Tent Rentals Ltd. A place that offers a variety of items to rent for any event and every event. From the biggest frame tents holding 500 people, to smallest tents used for catering we have tents to accommodate any size event.

Along with our tents rent our dance floors, chairs, tables, barbeques, linens, carpets, stages, bars, and so much more. We look forward to making every event a success.

We at Universal Tent Rentals are able to do any event with style, beauty, and elegance with a price that accommodates your budget. Email, call or visit our show room to create the perfect package for your special day.

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We have a tent for every event! The various sizes and styles

Frame Style Tents

We supply our clients with the biggest, cleanest, and newest type of frame tents. These tents come in many sizes, starting from 20 x 40 all the way to 50 x 100, we are able to go bigger than that as well. Not only do we have various sizes we also have various types. We are able to add a clear ceiling anywhere in the tent, we also are able to give our clients a whole clear tent.

Marque Style Tents

Want to stick to more of a simple set up or need something that fits your yard better? Not to worry because Universal Tent Rentals Ltd supplies a style of tent that almost fits in any backyard. Our marque style tents come in any size. A space is never too big or too small to put one of our marque tents up. We also carry marque tents with a transparent roof.

Event Rental services

Universal Tent Rentals Ltd offers a wide variety of high quality and well maintained tent and event rentals for any event. Whether the event is indoors, outdoors, in a park, in your own backyard or at a banquet hall, we are able to provide our clients with rental items they may need. Everything from portable dance floors to portable bars, we have it all.

Wedding Rentals

Universal Tent Rentals Ltd loves to take part in making your special day perfect with the best wedding set ups. Offering the cleanest white tents and magical lighting. We make it all worthwhile.